QuickReview:The Skinny Kitchen, Belfast

With the Health and fitness industry booming it is no surprise that there is an increasing amount of healthy eateries popping up. Slims Kitchen paved the way in Belfast and have pretty much had the market to themselves bar the so-so Goodness Rocks on the Saintfield Road. Enter The Skinny Kitchen. Fairly similar to Slims Kitchen in my opinion with the usual on-trend emphasis on Protein, Avocado and Sweet Potato-all good in my eyes.

Located on the Boucher Road, in the old Brown's Restaurant, The Skinny Kitchen is exactly how you would expect a fitness-focused eatery from Ibiza to look. White tiles, bright light, lots of plants and waiters wearing protein branded t-shirts. I went for dinner on a Wednesday evening two days after opening day. Semi busy with a mixture of belated Valentiners and people coming to or from the gym.


I was quite impressed with the menu that offered a broad and diverse range of dishes that catered for people on low carb diets and vegans (meh). Each option give a macro-nutrient breakdown which is nice when following a IIFYM's diet.


As my training has been fairly consistent since Christmas I didn't go full "healthy" and opted for the Chicken Satay burger on Sourdough with sweet potato fries. 


If there was such a thing as a satay connoisseur I would be one so I like to think I know a good peanut sauce from a bad one. This was definitely the former and from memory the first time I have had a satay burger. The sauce was excellently creamy and fragrant with lemongrass shining through. The chicken was a full grilled breast that was topped with siracha pickles which provided a tangy spiciness rounded of with an extremely fresh, toasted sourdough bun. What more could you ask for in a chicken burger?

The sweet potato fries where excellently crispy which I presume were fried in a cajun flavourd flour. A couple of slices of my favourite halloumi cheese rounded of an excellent quick midweek meal.


For a casual restaurant the service was great, full of happy chatty waiters that were only to happy to explain the menu. It's also fully licensed meaning you could make a night of it as well as serving the likes of protein pancakes in the morning. I think this one is going to be a regular destination.